Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flawless makeup? help?

ok so i am trying to get my face to look flawless, when i put my makeup on.

I dont raelly have the budget for like MAC and stuff like that. right now i am using Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation and then over top of that a Smashbox concealer ( my mother bought that one for me, i dont have enough money ahaha) and the over top of that NYC pressed powder foundation.

But im still not happy with how my skin looks.

Is that a good combination I should keep doing, or do you reccomend any other products?

and they way i mean flawless is like FLAWLESS,

example makeup? help?
I am in a show choir and when we go on stage we need to put on heavy makeup. For this I use maybeline dream matte mousse. Its really silky feeling and covers up just about anything. you get a flawless look every time. If you have dry skin though, get the liquid mousse because the dream matte mousse can dry out your skin sometimes.Flawless makeup? help?
well is your skin really acne ridden or something? because if your skin is pretty decent to begin with, it will look worse with all of that makeup.

something you might want to look into is primer to go under your makeup - i use mac prep+prime skin base but when i'm out i use either spackle by laura gellar or smashbox primer. it really makes a difference in how your makeup looks, feels and lasts.

for the actual makeup, try using the concealer where you need it and then just using the powder foundation.

also, you get way you pay for, so you might want to invest in some better makeup. i know it can be expensive, but it really does the trick. i love mac products, personally. other brands like nars, clinique, bobbi brown, smashbox or benefit i like, too. however, any makeup can look good if you know how to apply it right.

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