Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eye makeup Help ( Pics ) ? ?

I'm japanese/brazilian.

I have dark brown eyes %26amp; black hair; somewhat tanish skin.

I've been using black liquid eyeliner with the little ';wing'; in the end with black mascara and some white eyeliner in my inner eye; but i wanted to try something colorful; maybe with glitter?

What colors would look good?(:

Btw I'm 14 %26amp;* in high school; please dont leave answers such as ';your too young for makeup'; because my eyes arent so big %26amp; i like using eyeliner to enhance them; kthx.


They're just your typical myspace pictures;

Its just for you to see how my eyes are like.


( 10 points for best answer )

Eye makeup Help ( Pics ) ? ?
You are very pretty.

I would use light pink sparkly eyeshadow on your lid and tanish sparkly eyeshadow around your eyes. Use black liner (try Maybeline's line stylist) and use Maybelline's eye shadow (Wall Mart). Also try F.Y.I. arbone lipgloss.Eye makeup Help ( Pics ) ? ?
i think a glittery dark blue or purple would look good, but you should keep with the eyeliner also. Go to Ulta, they have a lot of glittery eyeshadow there.
I kind of like how you did your eyes in the first picture. Your face is already very exotic looking and pretty, so I don't think you need much more make up on your eyes.
Try bronze or purple.

Or even a pretty teal--that would be different and really nice with your skin tone.
I can hardly see your eyes in any of these pics to giv you any advice.
You should do a make over on the MK website, you cant fail there
wow, you're sooo pretty!

im not sure what to suggest just thought i'd tell you

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