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Prom Hair and Makeup help!?

Prom Hair and Makeup help!?

my prom is in two weeks and i have got my dress but i dont know how i should do my makeup to go with it. Here is a picture of my dress:

how should i do my hair and makeup to match my dress (what colour eyeshadow should i go for?) Also my skin is dark. Similar to dark chocolate. And my hair is natural, and I don't mind straighting it, but no perms. Thank You guys so much.

also what do you think of the dress?Prom Hair and Makeup help!?
the dreess is beautiful :)

for dark skin the secret is to play with matte or shine colors.

For eyes, choose makeup with delicate textures, together with eyeliner in nuances like emerald or sapphire. You will look sensational if you choose makeup in nuances like bronze or copper- colored. Avoid pastels or any lighter nuance. The nuances like gold, bronze, or orange are perfect on your eyelids or lips.

For lips if you want a natural look, then a gold gloss is for you. For a sophisticate makeup, use a greasy lipstick like red wine color.

Do you want luminosity for your cheeks? Then apply on arch and cheekbones a drop of bronze liquid makeup. As far as the blush is

concerned, the nuances like plum and cherry are perfect.

For fingernails are suitable intense colors with metallic effect. It is evident that the makeup differs according to your color skin. You will never use showy colors if you have a very light skin or natural colors for a darker skin.

This is an link for your hair it shows the perfect prom hairstyle i love it !Prom Hair and Makeup help!?
waow , that's a really pretty dress .

and i think that your eyeshadow should be brown , black eyeliner and mascara, a light pink blush or no blush and then a red lipstick thats close to the color of the dress.

your hair should be in a side curled ponytail and then wrap a bit of hair around the elastic to hide it and bobby pin it where it looks good. i think that you'll look really pretty .
Well im loving the dress its supper cute

i think you should with a smokey eye(dark grays,silvers,light grays) for the makeup or do a goldish brownish color so that your eyes will pop just like the dress gold goes good with any skin color so youll be fine :)

nothing to dramatic but kinda simple

_good luck
your dress is beautiful.

you should go for a kind of beach hair look, not too done, it will suit the dress perfectly. your make up, don't put too much on, just use a little grey/black to make the eyes stand out, and use lots of mascara!

have fun x

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