Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup help, i have almost no experience?

first off to say:

i am a guy

so if there any people who will not help me in my question

and would rather call me names and try to discourage me

i beg to you, shut the f*ck up, keep it in your own damn head and go to anwser another ******** question


i wear eyeliner, so i dont need help with that

im good with mascara and eyeshadow too

but what i need info about is foundation

ive heard that liquid foundation is the best

but that some are expensive

what are some good companies?

my parents hate my style they think its satanic when its scene...

so im not given money for makeup

so no skyrocketing prices

in fact, dont recommend anything over $30

and i've tried mineral foundation

that i stole from my aunt (hehe)

and it looks good for like a half our

until it melts and comes off easily

how do i prevent that and make it stay all day?

and will it look good if i apply makeup about 2 skin tone shades lighter than my skin? and will it cover my blemishes?

I need makeup help, i have almost no experience?
To cover blemishes, you need concealer. I use Covergirl mineral power liquid concealer because I didn't like their concealer sticks.. and my favorite foundation is Revlon colour stay. Before putting any makeup on you should wash your face with a cleanser and wait like 10 minutes so that all the oil is off and the makeup will stay longer. when you're putting foundation on, use like a sponge or one of those pad things you use to put on powder. it spreads it more evenly than your fingers.. i haven't come across any makeup that stays good for a super long time, but i like what i'm using now. at the end of the day i look about 90% of what i was in the morning. I need makeup help, i have almost no experience?
Try Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer and apply that before you apply foundation - it'll help your make up stay put. It's about 6 dollars or so... but if you don't like that, try Revlon's Primer... I forget the exact name of it, but it's like $17. If you don't like THAT spring for Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - the price is pretty steep though, it's around $43! So try the Rimmel one first.

For foundation, try Rimmel's Lasting Finish liquid foundation in Ivory - it's the lightest shade, but it's somewhat natural. Then apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent on top of the liquid foundation because liquid foundation tends to be really really shiny and will make you look oily if you don't use a finishing powder.

Good luck hun!!!


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