Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clothes and Makeup help!?

Ok So i don't really like putting my photo on the internet but I need help! What type of makeup should I wear for my complexion? Please keep in mind that there was a flash in this photo so it made me look slightly more red in the face than I normally am. In this photo I am only wearing eyeliner and mascara so it gives you a pretty good indication on my skin. Also with my hair colouring and skin tone what complexion am I (spring, summer, autumn or winter?) What colour clothes should I be wearing?

Also I am thinking of dying my hair brown...do you think this would look good?

PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much.

http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll134/Jessica_Lessica/jabberwocky-1.jpgClothes and Makeup help!?
Stick with the make up you wear! You have the summer look

You are pretty, A golden medium brown or Auburn hair color

would look great..and totally stick to rich colors with clothes...like dark purple, greens, blues..etc. I'd saty away from pastels and white.

They will make you looked washed-out.Clothes and Makeup help!?
I think you look a bit autumn'y

I don't think dying your hair would look good :/ Maybe try straightening it for one day and see how it all works out.

Your face is pretty clear, so you don't need much foundation.

Whatever make up you put on, don't put on too much

Hope this helped a bit x)
well you have to stand out so this season i would go for highlight colours bright pink yellow green cyan orange. and just wear skinny jeans to match. now the others just wear skinny jeans a little bling and converse shoes. now you can be girly princess pink.high light cyan pink yellow green.emo black . i dont care -mix colours. hippy green .anyway ur hair leave it just leave it dont dye it just wear bands and bangs.
wow you have great skin!

If you don't need to wear foundation then don't! Try some cute eyeliner!

Glitter gold eyeliner or just black to make your eyes stand out.....i wouldn't dye your hair dark blonde suits you!

You know you look a little like Taylor Swift?.......

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