Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Natural-looking makeup help?

I don't really like makeup all that much. Honestly, heavy makeup makes me look like a crack whore. If I do say so myself I have decent features to being with and don't really need all that much makeup but sometimes figure I could use a little extra on a down day. The maximum I wear now is clear mascara (not very often), LipSmackers Dr Pepper or Urban Decay's Quickie lip gloss and tiny bits of concealer where needed. I'm getting to the age where most girls are wearing some amount of makeup (some more than others, obviously), and would like a few suggestions before I begin high school.

Could someone suggest some good, natural makeup?Natural-looking makeup help?
This video demonstrates how to wear makeup to enhance your facial features:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJWyUriKÚłą?/a>Natural-looking makeup help?
Don't follow the trend of wearing tons of makeup! Be the one girl who other girls can look at %26amp; be like ';Wow, she looks pretty without all the makeup I have on'; But if you choose not to listen to that, the best natural makeup would be doing everything the same as you are now, except instead of clear mascara, go for colored. if you have fair skin, go for light brown mascara. for beige skin, dark brown mascara. for tan or deep skin, black mascara.
You should get the Bare Minerals starter kit. You can get it from Sephora and its a lot cheaper than buying two foundations and brushed by themselves. It comes with; two foundations (they are powder) and three brushes. They give you two different shades of concealer, and I think a primer or something of that sort. I use it and it is all natural, doesn't irritate my skin or cause acne, and washes off really easy. I would highly recommend it. The started kit also comes with a dvd that shows you how to apply the make-up.
add a little water proof mascara.water proof so it doesn't end up running down your face.You could even look for a black brown mascara and when you take the wand out wipe off excess mascara on a tissue before combing through lashes.a little bit wont overdue it but only enhance your natural beauty.don't curl your lashes if you don't want a dramatic change from your look now.you could also try some natural shade eye shadow try MAC in rice paper.
one more gil had de scame question

i gave de ans,she gave best ans 2 me


1.take powder no foundation

2.den put eyeliner,mascara

3.put light colr lipstic very lightly and den put lipgloose on it

it will really work,ur lips will have good color+it wil glow

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it looks like you don't really need any makeup.. definitely no eye makeup.

so i would just go with some blush, lip gloss and a little cover up.

i wear a little powder on my face, and blush.. and i'm good to go.

it's better being natural
DON'T WEAR FOUNDATION IF YOU DON'T NEED IT. alot of girls these days wear foundation when it is not needed and then it just ruins your face.

If you need it i reccomend first getting maybelline concealer ( the cover stick ) in green and one close to your skin colour .Green cancels out redness so your pimples will cover well.If you wear green concealer you need to wear foundation over it so your face isn't all green.So get a foundation your skin tone and then you can just put it over your concealer spots and blend it in really well so you don;t have to do a FULL face foundation.Remeber if you do wear foundation make sure you rub it into your neck so you don't get a line on your chin.

Maybe wear a very very very very thin line of eyeliner in black or brown on your lower lash line to make your eyes pop.

If you wear eyeliner don't wear any other makeup like blush or contour or anything beacuse then you will look weird.Just enhance one feature.And then put some lipgloss on and then it's fine.Noo need to go overboard hun you don't want to ruin your skin at a early age

Also get a good brand of makeup like maybelline and covergirl which is a oil free makeup so it stops you breakin out while wearing it
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