Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair and makeup help!!?

ok im getting my hair cut tomorrow and right now its about 3, 4 inches below my shoulder and i dont know how much to get cut off i dont want anything above/close to my shoulder and i have a kinda longish face and split ends i was think about 2 inches but what do you think??

and for makeup i have acne and scars from fast acne and im tired of my foundation not covering it up so i want a really good concealer and foundation that lasts long like 16 hrs and doesnt rub off but i dont care the price as long as i can get it at walmart walgreens or target

i want flawless skin like this


or this


if you could give me make up that wont make me break out anymorHair and makeup help!!?
mac studio fix fluidHair and makeup help!!?
get like 2 inches off, that sounds good. and for makeup. get covergirl concealer and maybelline mineral powder foundation. it lasts super long and looks great.

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