Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup help!! Please!?

Ok so i have tried many different styles of makeup on me and i cannot figure out what looks best. I have blonde hair and if i wear too much dark makeup i look goth. Now i am wearing a dark brown/black eyeliner thinly on top and bottom. I wear a cream shimmery eyeshadow and black mascara. it looks okay in the morning but by the end of the school day it looks atrocious! Even in the mornin its not that great. I need to know what colors to use for eyeliner and eyeshadow.I need makeup help!! Please!?
I love gold, beige, and brown eye shadows. Now, since you have light hair i would reccomend a brown eyeliner and brown liner on your lid. Also look into the Covergirl exact eyelights. They make one for brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes and pretty much any color. I use it and it works good. Also, try to curl your eyelashes.I need makeup help!! Please!?
First off start off with a primer, one with no sparkles in it. Like Urban Decay primer potion (Original). Then I would say that using a bronze color, maybe a gold even, would look nice on you, just make sure it doesn't match your outfit.

Put on the primer, then your eye shadow (try using a darker color on your crease and then using an fluffy mac brush to blend it out and upwards. If you use a gold, dark brown looks great here because once it's blended it gets lighter). Then use a lighter color such as vanilla, white, neutral, or creme at the corner of your eye and under your eyebrow. Then use a brown eyeliner on the top and bottom and brown mascara and you're good to go.
use a brown instead of a black....if you are fair skined you should avoid dark colors anyways
Hey! So the main thing to consider is your hair color, skin color and eye color. If the darker colors aren't working for you, I would try a lighter brown liner and even brown mascara!

For eyeshadows you can blend lighter brown shades or some gold eyeshadow.

Gold eyeshadow along the eyelid line will make your eyes look larger!

Also, if you find that even the brown is too dark, make it lighter by blending some white under your brow line, and into the inner corners of your eyes. It will make you look more awake and more wide eyed! :)

If you still find you're having difficulties it may also be incorrect application! The best thing to do is find youtube videos to help you out!

I would recommend watching videos by the user Panacea81. Here's a link to her profile - she has hundreds of videos of makeup tutorials!


Hope I've helped!

If you need more makeup or beauty tips feel free to visit http://www.thecosmomakeupgirl.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you there!
I think as you go through the day it smudges.

if you use oil,moisturizer or cream based products, they smudge all over your other make up and by the end of the day your eyelids are just coated in a sludgey mess.

Use a thin brown liquid eyeliner, or paintbrush one. Let it dry for a good while before mascara. Use a waterproof mascara. Use a pressed powder eyeshadow or none at all.

If you really need to change colours,use a pastel eyeliner with a dark blue mascara. or, use just eyeshadow with clear mascara.
What color are your eyes? Almay makes specific eyeshadow %26amp; liner for eye colors. You might want to look at that and mimic those types of colors. (I have green eyes and use a purple/plum eyeliner).

As far as being blonde, if you have fair skin don't use black eyeliner or mascara. It is way to dark. Use a brown or black brown mascara. I am a redhead this is personal experience. Also, you might want to play with different types of eyeliners and how you wear it. If it smears, you might not want to wear it on the bottom lid or try waterproof eyeliner (which is very hard to take off).

But bottom line, don't wear dark colors on fair skin.
i think it really depends on your eye color but a really nice way to do you makeup would be a brown liner and a bronze color on the lid and on top of that a kinda dark brown.=)
maybe blu eyeliner??! and only lilke one coat of mascara..for shadow whatever flats your boat only sticking to one type of shadow is boring :(

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