Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup help!! [[i have darker skin]]?

over the past year ive been trying different looks and along the way i became punk and i have no clue wat colors work for my skin plzzz help!! this is me here



i wear eyeliner everyday but sometimes i get bored with it but black eyeshadow doesnt look good on me ive tried it many times haha plzz help meI need makeup help!! [[i have darker skin]]?
Get some really bright MAC shadows. I think you should work with some bright blues and gold colors too. MAC has great colors for women with darker skin. You are beautiful, by the way!I need makeup help!! [[i have darker skin]]?
I would love to give you a facial and help you with your colors. I am a Mary Kay Consultant. We would have fun finding a look you like. Email me!!!
You have beautiful skin! I'm jealous.

Go with what makes you feel best. Don't be afraid to try new colors and looks...especially with eyeshadow and liner. I look at women in magazines and pics on the net to get ideas. It's worked for me because I have fun with it and eventually get a look that I like.

Shes right,you should use bare essentials!

it rocks%26lt;3

Your really pretty,btw!
I dont think you need all that foundation. I would just go with experimenting with different eyeshadows as well as eyeliners. I LOVE MAC if you are looking for something of great quality. If you are looking for something just to experiment with I would look at something like Wet N Wild which you can find at stores like Walmart.
try sprinkling on some light purple eyeshadow :)

or expiriment w. different eyeshadows :)

Choose a creamy or liquid foundation. Water based foundation is preferred.

A sheer foundation and a good concealer are important for creating the illusion of perfect skin. The foundation should not be lighter than skin color.

Dark skin shows up layers of make up much more than fair skin so mixing should be done carefully. Add a drop of water to foundation before applying it.


Use a light powder after the foundation. This gives the skin a shine and is not too heavy. Avoid applying too much powder. Dust off the excess powder.


For blushing use colors like coral, rose and deep orange. Avoid brown and peachy shades. For very dark skin shades of bronze, plum and wine are suggested. Blend the blusher over the cheekbones as it brightens the skin color.

Eye-make up:

Dark purple and blue colors look good on dark skin colors. Dark metallic colors also look good. Use eyeliner and black mascara in the end.

Avoid white or light color eye-shadow.


It is used on the bridges of the nose, around the eye area, above the cheek bones and upper lip for dark skin people.


Medium and dull shades lipsticks look better. If you have dark lips, apply some foundation and powder before lipstick. Lip colors such as caramel, blackberry and purples can be applied by dark skin people.
foundation...... revlon natural tan

eyes............. natural colours
bare minerals or bare essentials has good natural looking make up use the blush for your cheeks and use it for eyeshawdow too the dark brown will come up real nice on your skin

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