Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair and Makeup!!! HELP !!!!!!!!?

I have dirty blonde hair. It is so thin and i dont know what to do with it. I am pretty i think and i love to wear makeup but i either put to much on or not enough. I have light/medium skin and light blue eyes. wat colors should i use. HELP!!!Hair and Makeup!!! HELP !!!!!!!!?
for your hair try using a deep conditioner every time u shower for a bout 2 weeks.

makeup: stay away from foundations and concelers. they can make u look like u r trying to hide! instead us a stick concler ONLY WARE U NEED IT! then use face powder to concele shine. to make u look finshed used a bronzer on ur cheek bones ( makeing the fish face can help locate these), on the apples of your cheeks (smile real big) , loghtly on your chin, nose nides of nose and temples(outer sides of eyes). then aply light blush on apples of chheeks for a finished face that wont leave u feeling (or look) like u have a mask on!Hair and Makeup!!! HELP !!!!!!!!?
you can put your hair up in a cute little messy bun that walway looks cute, and maybe a little hairband to make it look stylish.

for your eyes.. well if you go to your local drugstor or walmart or where ever, there is this eyeshadow pack and it has certian colors for certian eyes, look for the blue pack. and maybe a dark blue mascara, and a black eyeliner.

if you feel like you have to much lake a Qtip and wipe some off.
i prefer just eyeliner LOL sweet and simple :] but thats just me. as for my hair, i put it in a different hairstyle every day if possible. whether just put it down as it is, or in two high ponytails, a side ponytail, braids on two sides, two pigtails, there are tons of ways ; get creative. spend some quality time with yourself in front of a mirror :]鈾?;
firstly you should buy a good shampoo that will strip the product from your hair but be carefull what you buy,aveda or mop is good a little bit more money but will last you ages

also bare escentuals make up is fantastic and you can never put to much on will go fab with your blue eyes.

qvc sell it or you can try ebay
If you have blue eyes then you should use a darker shade of eye shadow than your eye color.

In order to get that smoky effect you should mix the darker eye shadow with a touch of black.

To brighten any shade of blue you can use silver, turquoise or even fuchsia
Im blonde light/med skin blue eyes too and I just use

A TONNN of brownish-black mascara for the eyes - when I use colors besides gold brown.... earthy tones and stuff I look funny. so I basically just use mascara to bring out my eyes and a little black eyeliner, but it put it on ';weird'; lol I read somewhere and noticed it looks a lot more natural and better when you put the eyeliner on the inner upper lid, like ont he top but instead of on top of your lashes put it under your top lashes. email me if you still dont understand :D lol its complicated. and Then I use a clear lip gloss or slightly colored, anything works, I just go simple.

for the hair,

blow dry it when its still damp but almost dry upside down .. or you could lift your hair up when you blow dry it thats what i do, also SUNSILK anti flat works amazingly

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