Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair and Makeup help?! (pics)?

so ive always had trouble with my bangs.


theyre annoyingly curly =/

any tips? any hairstyles that would suit my hair well?

also...any make up tips? what color eye liners, lip glosses, blushes etc. should i wear?

haha im pretty pale. heres a pic that will show my skin color.


10 points for best answer!

and you get 2 points for answering so go for it! =D

thanksss %26lt;3Hair and Makeup help?! (pics)?
lets see....

your hair is very pretty, many girls would kill to have that kinda blonde!!! so your color is very nice, do not change it

your bangs.. i actually just recently got curly hair, (bodywave perm) and i part my hair over to the side, and kinda let them just swoop down over across my forhead over my eyes. you'll proly have to train your hair to do this. but it helps them to stay over if you put them how u want when their wet, and then put a boby pin to hold it, and when it dries take the boby pin out and spray it and it should stay how u want it.

for make up... start with a realy good foundation. i use bare minerals, its a powder type, and alot of peple would think it wont cover very well but it really does!! but if your on a budget, try that ';Dream Matte mouse'; stuff by maybelline,

just google it if u need to know what it looks like

its really light and covers well.

since you have light skin blush is a must!!! to apply it correctly pucker your lips like a fish kindof, and you'll see your cheak bone. go alone your cheakbone lightly with a brush and always brush up toward your ear, in that direction (dont actualy go to your ear lol)

n you would look really good with some light pink lip gloss!! and you can do just about anything with eyeshadow. but always apply a lighter base, and put it on your lid and on your brow bone, and then apply a darker color on your lid. i use eye liner on top and bottom, not everyone likes that, but you would be just fine with that too!!

and just get a mascara that makes your eyelases really long!!

just dont over-do the make up! and keep your look natural!!

hope this helped!!Hair and Makeup help?! (pics)?
hair:clip your bangs up wit a bobby pin or a barret, or straighten your hair but make sure not to get a cheap straightener. get a good one from the annoying people that sell them at the stands in the mall. there pricey but its better than having your hair fried like what the cheap ones do to your hair.

Makeup: you have blue eyes so go with a brown shadow(not to dark though) for eyeliner go with a dark brown but dont line in your lower lid. do it under your lashes. use black eyeliner for night. also use foundation all over your face so your makeup will stay in place and your skin will look flawless. for your mascara use black.

my favorite makeup brand is urban decay which is a little more expensive but is amazing. http://sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarch…

im sure you could find something cheaper at the drug store though. hope this helped!
awwww . . . you're just adorable . . . don't change a thing.
straighten your hair.





And in the last picture all you need to do is straighten your hair and cut your bangs.
OMG. You look soooo much like my friend, in a good way :P. Scary. I would've sworn that was her with curlier hair. My God. I've found her twin! Aha! That's so weird.
oki i suggest straightening your hair with an flat iron (make sure to use heat protectant spray)....maybe coloring your hair a few shades dark or getting darker highlights, getting side bangs

for the make up....use eyeliner either on top and bottom or at least bottom, mascara and some foundation....i wouldnt use a ton of make up but wat i suggest isnt to much =p skip the mascara if u want
Try to just either grow your bangs out, or get swoop ones and straighten them... as for make up, make sure you really wash your face well... i would use some concealor, light pink blush, any light color gloss, and mascara... if you want to change your pale factor, try the nuetrogena or it might be jergens natural tan lotion, (it makes your skin smooth and tanner) Im not sure if thats the exact namee though!
try straightening ur hair, i think u should wear some foundation to make ur skintone even, brown eyeliner but dont wear a lot, brown or light pink eyeshadow, and pink lipgloss !
straighten your hair, and cut it in layers. straighten your bangs, you can hardly see them.

wear brown eyeliner on either the lower rim of your eyelashes or the top one, or on both if you prefer. Go for black eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

wear brown mascara if you're wearing brown eyeliner, and black mascara if you're wearing black eyeliner.

put on some concealer to hide blemishes and red spots

wear mineral foundation to make your skintone even and give you a natural, healthy glow

wear blush, but lightly.

some lip gloss would be nice

and you're good to go.

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