Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need hairstyle and makeup help?

my 23rd birthday in a little over a month and a half. we booked a venue yesterday (nightclub) and i need to look amazing cuz the kid from my work that i like is gunna be there. any suggestions for how to do my hair and makeup? i want bold yet classy (aka no raccoon eyes or bright red lipstick)

my outfit: turquoise and gold low cut shirt, dark fitted jeans, chocolate brown and gold 5 inch wedge heels, gold and diamond dangly earrings, turquoise, gold and black bangle and a gold ring

hair: is naturally straight and to my shoulder blades, dark brown with blunt bangs right above my eyes

i have dark green eyes and tan skin...please help!!

i cant wear my hair down and straight cuz it will frizz and get ratty looking when im dancing. i need to look SMOKING hot ;) thanks in advanceNeed hairstyle and makeup help?
for your hair... take about four inches of the piece of hair right behind your bangs and pull it back to the center of the back of your head and pin the ends. keep bringing back pieces and pinning the ends for a very sexy, but classy look. for your make up... i would go with some dark brown eyeliner. you put it on the bottom just on your lash line but make sure to get the entirety of your bottom eye because the halfway thing only makes you look weird and your eyes smaller... so put a very very very thin line of your brown eyeliner on your top lid and then take a sponge or smudging tip and go side to side making the eyeliner a little more visible, lighter, and sexier... then take a gold shimmery color and use it to smoke your eyes. start at the inner corner of your eye and sweep across side to side moving up every time. then take a darker color and shade in the crease of your eye to make your eyes POP if you want you can highlight your eyes with a turquoise shaddow. use a black mascara and eyelash curler... you can even use fake lashes if you really want to for an extra POP. for your lips i would use a very light lip stain or gloss... just keep blotting your lips after application until the color is only a little darker than your natural lip color. then spread a clear gloss over it.Need hairstyle and makeup help?
For hairstyles check out these WS:

hope that helps!..
perfectly matched make-up is good!

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