Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kawaii Asian makeup help?

no matter how much i try, i can never get my makeup like the other girls.

i look similar to them, in skin color and eye type soooo

anyone have links to instructions or know how to?








fyi, i do not own these pics or am in these pics. they r from facebook.Kawaii Asian makeup help?
check out ageha magazine its full of tutorials! google it.

its pretty much all liquid eyeliner and those circle contacts that make your eyes bigger. I love those looks, but I'm not asian and it usually looks best on asian eyes. good luck!!Kawaii Asian makeup help?
Yes, I agree with everyone else that its just those super wide contacts and eyeliner. But here's what I found:

A website that sells those contacts... Most are like 20 or 25 bucks. They have a ton. All different colors, some even with images like butterflies or stars. I'm not Asian (which I think is irrelevant anyway) but I'm intrigued. I've been on this site for a good twenty minutes. Good Luck! :)
Are you even asian?

Anyways all these weird looking girls do is put on circular contacts and eye liner. Go to youtube and search ulzzangs.
It really depends on your nationality... because they're Asian and so their eye shape is different that's why they can pull it off. But you can try Youtube if this doesn't satisfy you. Good luck.
Wow i wish i was asian :D

just use liquid eyeliner and do small flicks
wear eyeliner its not that hard

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