Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup help?????

Hello, I know all of the makeup that I love, except for foundation, concealer and powder, all of the face stuff that covers up things. I have seriously probably spent about $120 - $150 on basic cover up and foundations at fredmeyers and walmart, I have tried every brand, Loreal, Maybelline, Covergirl, pretty much all of them, the reason why I struggle with them is because I have EXTREMELY rosy cheeks, not just a little color, but a lot of color. Anyways I like a little bit of rosy cheeks, but not as much as I have, I am going to portland very soon, and am going to go to the mall and get my makeup done by one of those makeup artists, because they know a lot about makeup, anyways I am just wondering do you think that they will be able to help me, and has anyone ever gone to some place like that to get their makeup done? I know this is a long question, but I really, really need some help, for any advice that you give me, thankyou so much!I need makeup help?????
Since you are going to the mall... best place for you to start is the MAC counter (http://www.maccosmetics.com). Next would be Stila and/or Benefits.

Foundations depends how your skin responds to it... if you have really oily skin, I tend to find from experience for myself and my clients that MAC foundations aren't great. For drier to normal skin types, use MAC foundations...

For oily skin types, I use Bare Essentials and/or Temptu Airbrush foundation. It has great coverage... especially for acne scarred face and/or rosey cheeks.

I would say try them all... go in the morning and have a makeover (sometimes they charge or expect you to buy the products)... and walk around to see how your skin reacts to the makeup. Come the next day and try another brand...

Good luck in shopping for the right type of makeup.I need makeup help?????
try Almay! its the only foundation i seem to keep with. i love it! its not any more than other foundations and more natural ingredients! i use the counselor comes in a tibe form jus for little spots on my face but they have the foundation and pwder too! and for all skin types dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin! TRY it! im sure you'll like it! =)
yea bare minerals is really good...if its that bad, you could use dermablend (that would COMLPETLY cover it) and since you still want a little pink, just put some blush on top...only thing about that makeup tho, is its really heavy..you have to put it on EXTRA light...takes some time
green covers up red. seriously. have you tried using a concealer stick that was green tinted? it wont turn your face green or anything, but the green will make the rosiness not so ';in your face';.
you could try bare minerals or clinique
I would go have my make up done at the MAC counter, and purchace an item as a Thank You. Once you see all of the items that suit you best write them down and do a little searching at the drugstore for similar colors and products. I'm sorry if I sound sooo cheap. I just don't have the $$$ to buy every product from MAC, but if you do, they really are great, I have a couple things. You can check out this link. I printed it out and highlighted the products I wanted and brought it to the drugstore with me.


Oh, and Jade is right. A green concealer will cover your red cheeks really well. Hope I helped, and enjoy your new look!

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