Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need makeup help...school starts in 4 days!!!!?

I'm 15 and not very good with makeup.. Please don't criticize my appearance, i just want makeup help...I wear foundation, but it matches my exact skin tone..I wear eye shadow when i feel like putting it on...i normally don't wear mascara or eyeliner(not very good applying it)....Please i want to look good for my sophomore year!!


Those who are willing to give me honest makeup help...are greatly appreciated...Thanks!!I need makeup help...school starts in 4 days!!!!?
You are really cute. No one should criticize your appearance on here. If they do, they are just being a jerk.

It's hard to tell what color your eyes are in the picture. It looks like maybe dark brown?

Makeup is confusing for me, too. I used to know how to do it, but then I didn't do it for a while and I forgot how. It definitely takes practice.

You could try buying some really cheap eye shadows (like with a lot of colors in one compact) and trying on different ones. You could put different colors on each eye just to compare, or you could take pictures to see what you think looks best. When you find a color you like, you could buy it in a better version (if the one you tried is kind of cheap or not good enough).

One thing I found is that it's easy to line your lower lid (under the lashes) with a pencil and then remove some of the excess with a Q-tip. It's much harder to line the upper lid. So you could just brush some eye shadow near the lash line on the upper lid (nothing too dark) and use the same kind in the crease and at the outer edge of the crease.

Try to just use colors that aren't too dark or too bright, since that can look clownish. Go for a natural look and you will look really nice! A lipstick or gloss that is only slightly darker than your natural lip color will look nice.

Cover Girl perfect point plus eye pencil in grey khaki (a taupe color) is nice and subtle. Rimmel eye shadow trio in ';elements'; would go with that. So would Maybelline ';mocha motion'; (a 4-shade shadow set).

Try to only practice with makeup when you're not going anyplace, in case some goes on too dark and it takes time to remove it. Also, if you can look at it in natural light (sunlight), that will help, too. You don't need direct sunlight on your face, just go to a window. A lot of times women put on makeup in lower light, then get outside and look too clownish.

With your skintone, a pinkish blush and pinkish lipstick would be nice. You can also use a lipstick that has a bit of brownish tone in with the pink. That makes it less pink and less bright. You have really nice eyelashes and nice hair that looks like it has a good natural curl to it (lucky you). I would pay big money to have hair and eyelashes like yours! Your eyebrows are good, too.

You are a really cute girl, so just experiment a little bit and don't go too crazy. Try just adding one thing at a time, if that makes it easier for you.

Sorry for going on so long. I hope this helps! Good luck!I need makeup help...school starts in 4 days!!!!?
hey i just started experimenting with wearing eye shadow everyday and i've gotten pretty good. go to the drugstore and look for shadow sets that label where they go and how theyre used like Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads...


or Revlon Colorstay Quad


these products actually label where each shadow should go and directions to apply on the back.. great for beginners...

when you start getting used to where each shadow should go and how it compliments you then start making your own color combos that you like... i started with those quads for beginners and now im addicted to MAC makeup pigment pots


now i mix match and blend shadows myself.. its really fun when you practice alot and become really good at it.. goodluck! =]

PS this is the mascara i use for everyday wear


and this is the mascara i use for special occasions


also check out MAC fake eyelashes.. you might be a little young for that but.. if you start going out to clubs alot they look really nice!
heyy gilr ur very pretty !!

yes i can see u need help with makeup

why dont u start out with Voluminous by loreal Mascara it works great !

umm shop at sephora for eyeshawdow they have great colors !!

u could always use baremineral eyeshawdow for eyeliner its like powder and its very easy to apply if u dont want to use that um u could go to sephora and ask for a makeup lesson and they can show u how to use eyeliner correctly !

um blush idkayy sorry

good luck and check out this website


hmm, id loose the braces, and try brown mascara and eyeliners... i mean you dont have to wear both together but maybe one day mascara one day eyeliner. switch it up, thats what i do:)

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