Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok need some makeup help?

I wanted to know if bronzer can be used instead of foundation. I do have blemishes though, if i put on concealer before would that help the bronzer make it look less visible. And what is the purpose of translucent pressed powder? when should i use it in this sequence

thank you for your helpOk need some makeup help?
Bronzer can't be used ';in place'; of foundation. The purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone. I have tried using bronzer without foundation underneath before and my skin tone looked blotchy and uneven, even dirty. I can't tell you how your skin would look, you did mention you had blemishes, if that is your only skin problem then you should be able to get away with only wearing bronzer with concealer underneath. Bronzer is not really a coverup, but it will help camoflage somewhat. It all depends on what your skin is like. Me personally I could not get away with not wearing foundation and then applying bronzer b/c my cheeks are red and blotchy, this is too big an area to wear concealer over, and the foundation gives just enough coverage.

The purpose of translucent pressed powder is to ';set'; your makeup and get rid of oil and shine. Settting your makeup means it helps it stay and keeps it from slidding all around your face. I use powder under my eyes and on my chin. I use it under my eyes so my eyemakeup doesn't run and on my chin b/c it tends to look oily. Wear it wherever you see appropriate for your skin. I used to never wear it and now I can't see how I live without it. The translucent part means that it is just that, basically it has no visible color once applied.

If I were you I would first apply the concealer, then the powder, then the bronzer. This is how I do it.

A good way to make sure that your makeup looks good is to BLEND BLEND BLEND, especially around the chin and jawline. Also take it easy on the bronzer, too much makes ppl look like fake umpa loompas, lol.Ok need some makeup help?
yes putting conceler on first will help with the blemishes and thr bronzer should be ok but i would use the translucant powder with the bronzer but you can use the powder with foundation. just experiment with it to see which you like best.

Hope i was some help and have a happy new year
I always apply translucent conceals, but doesn't look fake, apply bronzer lightly over that...or mix a liquid bronzer w/ lotion for a very natural tan for your face. and by the way, i agree... people shouldn't drown themselves in makeup!
I would add the powder first ... it will give the bronzer something to hold on to and won't go on blotchy. Only use the bronzer on spots where the sun naturally hits you ... cheekbones, temples, nose and chin.
The pressed power is better used as a foundation by taking a cotton ball or tissue and apply like normal (the applicators that come with them hold on to the powder) as for the bronzer you can wear it when ever but your blemishes will show with out concealer
Concealer usually changes the shace of the spot. Bronzer will not usually cover that. You could try....but.....

I cover spots first with a greenish concealer then use a little mineral makeup and bronzer. I even put the bronzer on my eyelids. Makes a quick makeover.

Try some samples from LAminerals. They are like $1 and ship em free. Thats what I use. Love the stuff, can't live without it!

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