Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair color&stlye/makeup help ((PiC iNcLuDeD))?

1. i want 2 dye my hair but idk what color, ((send pic of a good color please =) ))

2.any makeup ideas 4 me?? ((that would look better)) or any other suggstions ----%26gt; no mean answers =)鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Hair color%26amp;stlye/makeup help ((PiC iNcLuDeD))?
You NEED to See a ';Professional'; Hair Stylist and Don't Be Afraid to Tell Him or Her The Way that You Really Envision what you Should LOOK LIKE ! !

Also try or haircolor.comHair color%26amp;stlye/makeup help ((PiC iNcLuDeD))?
the hair and makeup in this photo would suit you well!! good luck :)
You are really cute!

i think u should trim your hair a little, add some layers and side swept bangs... dye your hair a dark brown with carmel highlights.

With your light skin, gold eyeshadow and gold-tinted blush would look great, and so would pink rosy blush. For your lips, a reddish color with orange undertones would also look good.

I love your hair exactly the way it is. The length complements your face shape. Keep the color, and just add some honey highlights.

Good luck!

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